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Sports radio announcer suspended after saying that Jews invented copper wire by fighting over penny (video)

By Mason White 5:35 PM August 28, 2014

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A sports radio announcer was suspended after he cracked a Jewish joke live on air.

Now, the Chargers announcer, Hank Bauer, apologized for making the anti-Semitic joke on ​​Sunday, during the game against the 49ers.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Chargers issued this statement:
“Although we know that Hank had no malice behind his words, we agree that the comments were inappropriate. By decision of Clear Channel, Hank will not be broadcasting the game on Thursday night.”

Bauer has been a strong voice for the Chargers for the past 16 years and a passionate advocate of the team since his playing days.

In an exchange with colleague Josh Lewin about people leaving early in the game and abandoning their high priced seats, Bauer said: “But then again, you know how copper wire was invented? Someone dropped a penny between Josh and his family member.”

He added: “I say that respectfully and affectionately, my partner.” Bauer referred to an anti-Semitic joke about the invention of copper wire after a penny fell between two Jewish people.

Following Bauer’s comments, many, including journalists and sports fans, took to Twitter to express their outrage.

“I made a hurtful insinuation that I regret and I would like to express how sorry I am. My poor choice of words were unfortunately open for negative interpretation, please know it was never my intention to offend any of my listeners. I hope you accept my apology,” said.