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Well-dressed 64-year-old man shoots at couple for interrupting his public lovemaking session

By Mason White 12:20 PM August 29, 2014

By: Devansh Dutt
A man was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly shooting at two people for interrupting his lovemaking session, police in Washington said.

The Seattle Police Department said that 64-year-old Paul Hunter, was dressed in a tuxedo when he was arrested on Tuesday.

He fired a gun at the couple, who accidentally interrupted his lovemaking with a woman on a public street.

The couple told police that they were walking on the street about 2:00 a.m., when they happened to see Hunter with the woman.

After being discovered, the woman quickly fled from the scene. Hunter became angry and began walking away. After a minute, he turned around, pointed his gun at the couple and fired a shot.

“I’ll kill you,” Hunter said. Police found a loaded 9mm pistol hidden in the waistband of his pants. Hunter was charged with felony assault.

Hunter was booked into the King County Jail where he is being held without bail.