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Man earns extra income after training his dogs to collect plastic bottles for recycling

By Mason White 12:25 PM August 29, 2014
Dog holding bottle illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A man came up with a clever way to earn an extra income, shanghaiist reported.

Jiang Guangliang trained his two dogs to collect plastic bottles for recycling in Chongqing, China.

The dogs have helped their owner earn about 1,000 yuan ($1 – 6.14 yuan) a year.

Guangliang said that he takes his pets, Jingang and Huanhuan, for a walk every morning in the Binjiang Park and asks them to collect the plastic bottles for him.

The dogs enjoy jumping in the river and bringing the bottles. Guangliang continues to accumulate plastic bottles until he can sell them for recycling.

He recently cashed in about 1,000 yuan, thanks to the hard work of his dogs. “They are smart enough to distinguish between plastic bottles and glass bottles,” Guangliang said.

Guangliang revealed that someone offered to buy the dogs for 6,000 yuan, but he declined the offer.