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Pediatric nurse arrested for molesting newborn baby and recording the abuse

By Mason White 10:49 AM August 29, 2014
Michael William Lutts 

By: Hydar Tomar
A nurse was arrested after he molested a newborn baby.

The FBI arrested the pediatric nurse in San Diego, California, after he was seen on video has sexually abusing the newborn.

Authorities are investigating an adoption process after 50-year-old Michael William Lutts sexually abused his premature two-month-old foster child.

Lutts, 50, pleaded not guilty in federal court to a charge of sexual exploitation of a child, according to Darrell Foxworth, an FBI spokesperson in San Diego.

Court documents tell how Lutts allegedly groped the child’s genitals while masturbating. He also recorded the event.

Police found numerous photos and videos of sexual abuse of the child, and one of the pictures shows the boy still having his hospital tag attached to his leg when he was abused.

He allegedly began sexually abusing the child on the day he was given custody of him, and recorded it with his phone. Authorities seized the phone during a search at his home in College Grove, the criminal complaint states.

Authorities are concerned that their may be other victims out there, due to the nature of his job as a pediatric nurse in San Diego County.

The baby has since been removed from his care and was placed in protective custody.