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Thieves blind dog with ammonia so it doesn’t stop them from burglarizing home

By Mason White 10:30 AM August 29, 2014
Dog illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
Police are looking for thieves who broke into a home and hurt the owner’s pet.

The incident of animal cruelty has outraged many animal lovers.

Police said that the thieves temporarily blinded the dog with ammonia while burglarizing the house in Manchester, England.

After entering the family’s kitchen, the thieves spotted the border collie, named Jack, and sprayed the chemical in its face, causing great pain and temporary loss of vision to the dog.

The incident took place in the morning hours. When the owners returned home they found the dog in agony and it was rushed to a veterinarian for treatment.

It took 10 days for the dog to recover as one eye was badly damaged. Jack will be fine, a spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said.

The thieves stole cash and electronics from the home. If caught, they could face charges of theft and cruelty to animals, the police spokesperson said.