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Thief returns car to mother after she harassed him through text messages on stolen phone

By Mason White 11:57 AM August 31, 2014
Megan Bratten 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A desperate single mother of Missouri, persuaded a thief to return her stolen car through text messages.

The mother of five children was angry when she did not find her car after a shopping trip.

Megan Bratten was shopping at a Kmart in Independence, a suburb of Kansas City, when she found her parking spot in which she had parked her van, empty.

She used her vehicle to run a business with which she supports her family. Desperate to get her car back, Bratten began to send text messages to her cell phone that she left in the stolen car.

For the next three hours, she bombarded the thief with desperate pleas to return her car. “Hey, you just stole the work van of a single mother of five children,” she wrote in one message. “You are ruining my life here,” she wrote in another.

Her pleas kept getting more desperate with each passing minute.

“OMG car thief people can you just give me my van back?” She begged. “It would be epic, the miracle I need right now,” she explained to the thief through text messages.

The woman finally got through to the thief as he sent her a text message back saying: “I feel bad, my kids needed a meal on the table so that’s what their dad did to get them food. I know its wrong, but it’s been so hard since I lost my job.”

The thief then told the woman where she can find her car. Although she was doubtful, Bratten went to the area with her mother and her dog.

To her joy she found the car. In addition to the car, she also found an empty bottle of transmission fluid in her car. Earlier, she told the thief that her transmission was not good, so he filled it with transmission fluid.

Bratten did not file charges against the thief. “I can really relate on a human level of the struggle of feeling desperate and making poor choices. I can understand how people act out of fear of making poor choices. What matters in that the end is that he did the right thing,” she said.

Local police officers were not impressed. They claim that the mother put her life in danger by retrieving the car by herself. They said that she could have called them to accompany her.