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Man arrested for exposing his boxers in court to prove his wife doesn’t wash his laundry

By Mason White 1:30 PM August 31, 2014
Man in underwear illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
A judge ruled that a man was a bad influence on his kids after he exposed his underwear in court.

The couple of Zimbabwe, was in court after the wife, Loveness Mutezo, 40, petitioned the court for an order of protection against her husband.

She claimed that her husband was always drunk and often verbally abused her in front of the children.

The irritated husband, 45-year-old Jeffrey Chemutsanga, claimed that his wife was not doing her duties in the home.

Chemutsanga dropped his pants to expose his underwear in an attempt to convince the judge that his wife was not doing the laundry.

However, he was arrested for contempt of court. Chemutsanga also told the court that his wife refuses to have sex with him.

Magistrate Langton Mukwengi granted the woman an order of protection against her husband

The judge said: “I give the order of protection to your wife because you are a bad example to your children.”