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Man stabs his mother and kills aunt for refusing to give him money

By Mason White 2:20 PM August 31, 2014
Nonhlanhla Mgenge 

By: Hydar Tomar
A woman wants her son to rot in prison, after he stabbed her and killed her sister.

54-year-old Nonhlanhla Mgenge of South Africa, said that her son came into the home and demanded money for drugs.

However, when she refused to hand over the cash the man went crazy.

Mgenge said that her 29-year-old son, who lives in Ntuzuma north of Durban, locked the family members in a room and held them hostage.

His mother, aunt, sister and a cousin were home at the time of the incident. He locked them all in his room and demanded money for drugs.

He then held them at knifepoint for hours. The drama ended after he killed his aunt, Nontombi Mgenge, 51, and stabbed his mother.

“He stabbed my dear sister to death and he stabbed me. I almost lost my life. I want him to be haunted for the rest of his life,” his mother said.

“My sister asked for mercy, but he stabbed her several times. We will not forgive him,” she added.

The suspect’s sister, 24-year-old Sindi Mgenge, said that she thought everyone was going to die in the room. “My brother has to rot in jail,” Sindi said.

She said that after her brother escaped he went into hiding. He called to say how sorry he was about the stabbing and that he did not know what came over him.

His cousin, Gugu Mgenge,18, said that the family is waiting for police to arrested him so they can find peace and not fear for their lives.