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Christian preschool expels 4-year-old boy over his mother’s Facebook post (video)

By Mason White 1:33 PM September 1, 2014
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By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A woman will have to find a new school for her son after he was expelled from preschool over a Facebook post.

Ashley Habat is angry that the Christian school in Florida, expelled her 4-year-old son after she complained about the school administration in a private Facebook post.

Although her ​​son had done nothing wrong, she had apparently violated a policy against “sowing discord.”

Habat vented her frustrations with the Sonshine Christian Academy in Callahan, because she felt that the school had not given enough notice about picture day.

She took to Facebook and wrote: “Why is it that every single day there is something new I dislike about Will’s School? Are my standards really too high or are the people working in the education field really just that ignorant?”

Habat then tagged the school in the post. She later received a call from the school, asking her to come to the office when she came to pick up her son from school.

Habat was told that her son will no longer be allowed at school as she “was not the right fit.”