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Four strangers pay $15,000 each to watch woman giving birth in her home

By Mason White 2:16 PM September 1, 2014
Josie Cunningham 

By: Devansh Dutt
A money hungry woman decided to share her birth with total strangers for cash.

The woman sold tickets to the “event” at $15,000 each, and four people shelled out the money to watch the birth live.

Josie Cunningham of the United Kingdom, became famous after she revealed that her breast implants were paid for by the state, which cost over $7,000.

The 24-year-old woman, who is having her third child, thought that she was carrying her third boy, but when she learned that she was expecting a girl, her life changed.

Cunningham has revealed that she quit smoking and drinking, and canceled the tickets for the birth of the baby after finding out she is expecting a girl.

The woman admitted she smoked a whole pack of cigarettes and drank a glass of wine while pregnant, but that all changed when she learned she was having a daughter.

Last month, she announced to her 54,000 Twitter fans that the four tickets to the home birth was sold in less than 15 minutes.

She also offered to allow 50 people to watch the birth through the Internet. However, she now changed her mind and said: “I want to enjoy my precious first moments alone with my daughter and my mother. I will not share them with the world.”