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Police K9 gets military style funeral after being stabbed by suspect who was killed by police (video)

By Mason White 2:10 PM September 1, 2014
Sgt. Ryan Stark saying goodby to the dog 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A police officer killed a man after he stabbed a police K9.

The dog was honored with a military style funeral.

K9s and their handlers from across the state came to pay their respects to the dog. Kye had been working for the Oklahoma City Police Department in Oklahoma, for about two years.

Sgt. Ryan Stark was seen grieving over the loss of his
K9 named Kye. The 3-year-old Belgian German Shepherd, was stabbed by the burglary suspect. In turn, the officer shot and killed the man.

Now, officer Stark is under investigation for fatally shooting 22-year-old Mark Salazar.

The tragic sequence of events began when Salazar lead
police on a high speed chase after he was seen breaking into a car.

Salazar led police on the 30-minute chase before the officer shot his tires. Salazar crashed the car and tried to make a getaway on foot. Stark released Kye and the dog quickly reached Salazar.

Stark said that he was about to call Kye when he realized that Salazar was stabbing the dog. That’s when Stark pulled out his gun and killed the suspect in the spot.

The officer, a 13 year veteran of the force, is on paid administrative leave while authorities are investigating whether he was justified in using deadly force.