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Wedding guest arrested for stealing gifts from bride and groom

By Mason White 11:53 AM September 2, 2014
Noah Howard 

By: Hydar Tomar
A wedding guest was placed under arrest after he allegedly stole gifts from the bride and groom, police in Ohio said.

The Dayton Police Department said that 29-year-old Noah Howard, was arrested early on Sunday, during the reception of the newlywed couple.

Staff members of the facility called police after noticing that all the couple’s gifts, totaling more than $6,800 worth of checks and cash, were gone.

The items had been placed inside a safe in the office.

Before the police arrived, all the missing items were found inside a garment bag behind some bushes near the entrance of the hall.

The staff members told police that the garment bag belonged to Howard.

Surveillance video showed that Howard entered the office and then emerged with the garment bag that appeared to be heavy.

When police interviewed Howard he said that he did not know how the items got inside his bag, and said that perhaps an employee made a mistake.

Howard was booked into jail on charges of theft.