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Father stabbed to death on his 24th birthday while trying to get baby back from kidnapper

By Mason White 11:51 AM September 2, 2014
Kenneth Boyd with his son 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A man was killed on his 24th birthday while trying to save his baby.

Kenneth Boyd of New Mexico, went to a party in Edgewood with his girlfriend and their baby.

According to his stepmother, Boyd took his baby to the party to meet another baby, who might be his half brother.

When they were ready to go home, Boyd, his girlfriend and their baby, left with 32-year-old Michael Fox.

During the ride home, when the child began to cry, the parents asked Fox to pull over so that they can take a bottle from the trunk.

As soon as Boyd and his girlfriend stepped out of the car Fox took off with the baby still in the car.

Torrance County deputies and Edgewood Police responded to the call for help while Boyd tried to reach Fox on the phone.

Police said that Boyd finally managed to persuade Fox to drop off the child at a Circle K convenience store.

As Boyd and his girlfriend arrived at the Circle K convenience store, police said that Fox ran across the parking lot and began attacking Boyd. He suffered multiple stab wounds and died from his injuries.

Police said that Fox fled the scene, but detectives were able to locate him and take him into custody shortly thereafter. The motive for the stabbing is still unknown.

Fox has a long criminal record, including aggravated battery, unlawful carrying of a firearm and harassment.