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Woman seen on video spraying security guard with mace before getting away with stolen clothes

By Mason White 11:08 AM September 2, 2014
The security guard chasing a suspect 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) Police in Florida, have released a video of a crime in progress.

Now, they are looking to arrest a woman, who sprayed a guard with mace before getting away with the stolen items.

The surveillance video of the incident shows two women holding a pile of clothes while casually walking around a store with a cart.

The two then walk towards the exit and run out the door with the clothes in their hands. They ran towards a red getaway car in the parking lot.

One of the suspects, who police identified as 20-year-old Tonea Nicola Crawford, managed to get into the car. However, a security guard pursued them and grabbed the accomplice by the arm. The getaway driver began to pull away, but Crawford refused to leave her friend behind.
Instead, she got out of the car and pepper sprayed the security guard.

The woman got into the car and sped off with hundreds of dollars worth of clothes.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office issued a warrant for Crawford, on charges of robbery with a weapon and grand theft.

Authorities did not identify the other woman. Police allege that Crawford is involved with a group of criminals, who target retail stores in central Florida.

Crawford was also accused of being involved in a robbery at a store in Lakeland last month, police said.