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Man kills his father after argument broke out over stolen cigarette

By Mason White 11:00 AM September 3, 2014
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By: Sanvi Rizvi
A man was arrested on charges of murder after he allegedly killed his own father, police in Nigeria said.

The Edo State Police said that they arrested 22-year-old Bestman Momodu, after being accused of killing his father, Zuberu Momodu, with a machete.

According to the police investigation, the father and son began fighting over a stolen cigarette. During questioning, the suspect admitted to killing his father, and said that he regretted his action.

Bestman said that after his father confronted him about the missing cigarette he took the machete and fatally stabbed him. He claims that what he did was a mistake.

In August, 36-year-old Liu Hao-shen of Taipei, Taiwan, stabbed his son after losing a video game match. Liu’s son, Ching-Han, invited him for a drink and to play a video game together. Liu did not know how the game worked and became frustrated with his own inabilities.

While playing with his father, Ching-Han ridiculed him for his poor gaming skills, causing his defeat in the virtual world.

During his drunken frustration over the game, Liu broke the game console, grabbed a kitchen knife and started fighting with his son.

Liu stabbed his son twice during the fight. The wounds were severe and Ching-Han died instantly. Ching-Han’s stepmother, Huang, found him laying on the floor and called police.

When Liu was informed that his son died, he told police that he was just trying to scare his son and did not kill him intentionally.