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Female parliament worker in trouble for taking nude selfies in government office

By Mason White 4:37 PM September 3, 2014
Adeline Lafouine 

By: Anika Rao
A woman of Switzerland, is under fire after she took inappropriate selfies in a government office.

The woman, who worked in the Swiss Parliament, published the photos on social media sites and they quickly went viral.

Adeline Lafouine took the photos of herself during work as a secretary at the Federal Palace in Berne. In the photos, she was seen exposing her chest.

Lafouine’s Twitter page received a lot of followers after she posted the photo. After reaching almost 11,700 followers and causing lots of controversy, the woman’s Twitter account was deleted.

She is now facing an investigation after officials have learned that the woman has taken many explicit photos in the government building.

The woman reportedly said that the photos did not violate the guidelines for federal employees as they were part of her private life.

However, a spokesperson for the government’s human resources department, said that it had launched an investigation to figure out if she violated the good faith obligations between employer and employee.