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Man freaks out after finding live rodent inside hole of toilet paper roll

By Mason White 10:01 AM September 4, 2014
Rodent inside toilet paper roll 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A man freaked out after noticing a live rodent in the hole of a toilet paper roll.

The young man of Austria, grabbed his camera, took pictures and uploaded them to the Internet.

The photos of the rodent resting inside the toilet paper roll quickly went viral on the Internet. The man bought the sealed package of toilet paper at his local supermarket.

The package was intact, but when he opened it he was surprised to hear a crunch, and realized that two rolls of toilet paper had been chewed and torn.

When he looked inside one of the rolls he found ​​a nest. Christoph Lechner said that the rodent seemed comfortable in the toilet paper roll and it refused to leave.

Lechner put the rodent in the garden of his home located in Feistritz am Wechsel, where he hopes it will build a new nest.