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2 judges in California censured after being caught having sex in court chambers

By Mason White 10:03 AM September 4, 2014
Judge Scott Steiner 

By: Hydar Tomar
Two judges in California were censured after they admitted to having sex in their court chambers.

Judge Scott Steiner of the Orange County Superior Court, was accused of a number of irregularities, including having sex with two women in his chambers.

One woman was his intern while the other woman was a practicing attorney. The judge was also accused of failing to excuse himself from a case involving a longtime friend.

“Engaging in sexual acts in the courthouse is the height of irresponsible and improper conduct of a judge,” the commission that censured the judge wrote.

Steiner admitted to the irregularities and showed great remorse. The commission concluded that censure was proper rather than removal from the bench.

Kern County Superior Court Judge Cory Woodward was also accused of improper behavior.

According to the Commission documents, Woodward was repeatedly confronted about his sexual relationships in the workplace.

Woodward had an intimate relationship with a court clerk, a married woman whose husband and his coworkers had suspected that something was going on between her and the judge.

The two exchanged personal emails, and passed notes of a sexual nature during court proceedings. They also had sex in public places and in his chambers.

Woodward made an inappropriate sexual gesture toward the employee when he thought no one was looking during a session.

Woodward was also censured and not removed from the bench.