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Flatbush man jailed for shooting police officer in Crown Heights

By Mason White 12:34 PM September 4, 2014
Rashun Robinson 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A Flatbush man was arrested, charged and convicted of assault after shooting a police officer in Crown Heights, after he was stopped for not paying a bus fare, prosecutors in New York said.

Kings County District Attorney Kenneth P. Thompson announced that 29-year-old Rashun Robinson, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for shooting the officer in the leg.

“This defendant opened fire on and permanently injured a young, heroic officer who was just beginning his career, all because he didn’t want to pay his bus fare. Such disregard for and violence towards our police personnel deserves a 25-year prison sentence,” Thompson said.

Robinson pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated assault on a police officer. The shooting stemmed from an incident in the vicinity of Empire Boulevard and Utica Avenue, when Police Officer James Li and Police Officer Randy Chow, observed the defendant entering the rear of a New York City Transit Authority B46 bus.

The officers ordered the defendant to get off of the bus and he ran across Empire Boulevard, turned and fired multiple shots at both officers, striking Officer Li in the leg and groin, according to the investigation.

Both officers returned fire. The defendant was not hit. He was apprehended in a stairwell on Schenectady Avenue shortly after the shooting by officers assigned to the 71st precinct.

The defendant had a .45 caliber pistol in his hand when he was caught. Three .45 caliber shell casings were recovered.

Officer Li, who graduated from the Police Academy two months prior to the shooting and was assigned to the 71st precinct, suffered significant, permanent nerve damage to his leg and walks with a cane.