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Dog feces smeared on Hasidic Toronto synagogue

By Mason White 2:27 PM September 4, 2014
Scene of the incident 

By: Anika Rao
The Jewish community in Toronto, Canada, is worried after a vandal smeared dog feces on a Hasidic synagogue, The Canadian Jewish News reported.

The Toronto Police Department said that they are investigating the incident of dog feces smeared on the Chabad synagogue located on Bathurst Street and Eidenburg Drive.

The vandalism was discovered by one of the members of the synagogue when he arrived for morning prayers. The feces was smeared on the door and the door handles.

The surveillance cameras of the synagogue documented the suspect.

On the video, the suspect can be seen walking his dog, approach the synagogue and smear feces on all handles of the door.

Police described the suspect as white, tall and medium build. The dog was described as a medium sized white poodle.