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Woman hangs on to boyfriend’s car for two miles to keep him from getting away during argument

By Mason White 6:19 PM September 4, 2014
Audrey Justus 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A woman was injured in an attempt to keep her boyfriend from leaving her.

According to police in Pennsylvania, the couple got into an argument, which ended with 25-year-old Audrey Justus hanging onto her boyfriend’s car.

The woman told police that she was holding on for dear life as her boyfriend, 43-year-old Billie Joe Fridley, was driving at high speeds.

Fridley however, said that the woman jumped onto his car as he tried to leave the home where the two were arguing.

He said that he was just trying to get away, and in no way meant to hurt her.

Police said that he drove about 2 miles while Justus was clinging to the hood of the car before abruptly stopping the car, causing the mother of three children to fall onto the pavement.

Fridley said that he stopped at least three times. He stopped at two different stop signs and once when she screamed for him to stop, but she refused to get off the car.

She shouted for him to open the sunroof so that she could get in the car and talk about the situation. He then got out of the car and allegedly hit her with his crutches, which left her with a bruise.

Fridley said that he was unable to call police because Justus took the phone from him. He remains free on bail, but was ordered to stay away from Justus.