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Poor dog does not want its owner to bury its deceased brother

By Mason White 6:17 PM September 4, 2014
The dogs and its owner 

By: Devansh Dutt
A rottweiler seemed to be devastated over the loss of its brother, according to a video uploaded to YouTube.

It’s always hard to attend the funeral of a loved one. That seems to be true not only for humans, but also for animals.

In this video, which was uploaded to Youtube by Harrison Fisher, the dog is seen attempting to wake up its brother.

The family was attempting to record the burial of their beloved deceased pet, but they got more than they bargained for. The video caught the emotions of the grieving dog.

During the funeral, the rottweiler tried to stop its owner from burying its dead brother. The video caption reads: “Poor dog doesn’t understand why they want to bury its sleepy brother.”

The dog kept barking over its brother, as if to say wake up brother, wake up, but nothing happened.