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Company selling virtual girlfriends who listen to men complaining about their life for as low as $2 day

By Mason White 10:15 AM September 5, 2014
Virtual girlfriend for sale 

By: Anika Rao
For just $2 a day you can buy a virtual girlfriend who will listen to you complain about your difficult life.

Taobao of China, is offering men the service that involves women calling or texting customers to wake them up in the morning, say good night before bed, and sympathetically listen to their complaints at any time of day.

The company also offers virtual boyfriends, and customers can choose the type of personality, like a man in uniform, an executive director or a handsome man.

One employee said that she has lost a lot of sleep since she began working for the company, and she always has to keep her phone nearby.

Most customers buy the service for only a day, out of curiosity, but there seems to be a growing market.