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Teen earns $200 a day selling WiFi on train in order to help pay college tuition

By Mason White 5:38 PM September 7, 2014
Student selling WiFi 

By: Hydar Tomar
A teen in China, came up with a brilliant idea to make some extra money in order to help pay for his college tuition.

The student of Wenzhou, who was spotted selling Internet access on trains, said that he earns as much as 600 RMB ($1 = 6.14 RMB) in half a day.

The teen boards trains and hold a sign that reads: “College student selling WiFi for tuition.”

Passengers who are interested in connecting to the Internet, pay a fee after which they receive a password to access the WiFi.

10 RMB allows customers an hour of Internet access, 15 RMB gets two hours, four hours costs just 20 RMB. The student also offers an hour of free WiFi for pretty girls who leave their contact information.