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Woman drugs her husband so he can keep up with her sex life

By Mason White 4:27 PM September 7, 2014
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By: Devansh Dutt
Many men complain over the lack of sex in their lives.

However, one man asked a judge for a divorce over his wife’s strong sexual appetite.

The man of India, asked a judge to grant him a divorce after his wife constantly harassed him for sex since they got married two years ago.

The family court in Mumbai, heard how the man could no longer keep up with his wife’s excessive desire for sex.

He said that every time he tried to resist her advances, she abused him until he gave into her persistent demands.

The man told the court that his wife drugged him and gave him alcohol to increase his sexual appetite.

The man explained that he worked three shifts, which left him exhausted, but his wife still exerted unbearable pressure on him to have sex.

The woman allegedly threatened her husband that if her demands were not met, she would look for other men to satisfy her.

The man insisted that he feared for his health if he was forced to continue to be in the marriage. The judge awarded the man a divorce from his sex addicted wife.