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Doctors remove ball of hair from stomach of 5-year-old girl after suffering extreme pain

By Mason White 11:21 AM September 8, 2014
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By: Sanvi Rizvi
A little girl was rushed to an operating room after she suffered from extreme stomach pain, doctors in the United Kingdom said.

The incident began when 5-year-old Millie Wallis, began suffering from stomach pains on a daily basis, but doctors were completely baffled by her mysterious condition.

The girl’s parents took her to Blackpool’s Victoria Hospital, fearing that their daughter had a tumor in the stomach.

After performing tests, doctors discovered that the girl had a huge ball of her own hair in the stomach, and she was suffering from a rare and strange disease called Rapunzel syndrome.

She had been pulling strands of her own hair and swallowing it until the hair overwhelmed her intestines. The child’s mother said that the girl has been eating her own hair since she was three years old.

The mother thought it was just a bat habit like biting nails, but at age 5, she began having stomach pains. Doctors pulled out a ball of hair that has reached into her digestive tract.

Only 27 cases of Rapunzel syndrome have been reported worldwide. Not wanting to go back to the hospital, the girl stopped eating her own hair.