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Monkey showers people with money after stealing the cash from nearby home

By Mason White 2:48 PM September 8, 2014
Monkey illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A money was looking for food in a home, but found money instead.

The clever monkey did not eat the money, but shared its wealth with locals in India.

People in Himachal Pradesh, were surprised when the monkey threw money at them.

Tourists took pictures of the “rich” monkey in the scenic pine forest of Shimla. People ran around collecting the falling notes for nearly an hour on Sunday, witnesses said.

Officials said that the animal stole 10,000 rupees (about $165) from nearby homes.

The monkey had apparently entered the homes to get food and left with the money. The monkey seen sitting on a roof of a home with a stack of cash before it playfully threw down one by one.

The monkey then jumped onto a tree with the money and continued throwing money to the excited crowd of people, who eagerly collected the monkey’s “gifts.”

Shimla has long been a haven for animals. Macaque monkeys are considered sacred by Hindus, who often feed them.

In recent years, animals have gotten into conflict with humans, as they are destroying crops, attacking people for food and bite children. Himachal Pradesh authorities have declared these monkeys a menace.