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Man calls police and threatens to behead his wife so that officers rescue his trapped cat

By Mason White 3:48 PM September 9, 2014
Cat illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A man called police and told then that he was going to behead his wife in order for them to come and rescue his trapped cat, Israel Police said.

The Ashkelon Police Department said that the incident in which the man tricked police to come to his house, occurred on Sunday.

The man’s cat became trapped in a locked room. Desperate to get his cat out quickly, he called police and threatened to slit his wife’s throat.

When police officers arrived at the scene, they realized that the call was a hoax and the suspect was arrested. The man told investigators that his landlord threw him and his wife out from the apartment, and changed the locks.

His cat remained inside. He called police, and he was told that since it was a civil matter he should go to court. A short time later, he called again and threatened to behead his wife if the police do not arrive quickly.

When police officers arrived they found the husband and wife laying on a bench and laughing. The husband was arrested on charges of making threats.

The cat remained in the apartment.