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Man sentenced to 10 months jail after calling and texting former lover more than 21,800 times

By Mason White 1:45 PM September 9, 2014
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By: Hydar Tomar
“Love is blind” took on a new meaning for a 33-year-old man.

The man of France, is behind bars after reportedly calling and texting his former girlfriend 21,807 times.

The 33-year-old man, who has not been identified, was sentenced to 10 months in jail, six of which were suspended, for harassing his former girlfriend.

The man was also fined $1,300 and was ordered to stay away from the woman.

According to court documents, the man flooded his former girlfriend with the text messages and calls over a period of 10 months, after the two broke up.

The man reportedly said that he had been trying to contact his former girlfriend because he was seeking compensation or recognition for the work he had done in her apartment.

The man admitted that he was wrong, but said that at the time, all he wanted is either money or at least a thank you for all the work he has done.

The man reportedly called his former girlfriend on average 73 times a day.

When the woman blocked his number, he called to her parents’ home and to her workplace, according to Manuella Spee, the plaintiff’s attorney.