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7-year-old boy ordered to appear in court after receiving $270 ticket for driving golf cart on his birthday (video)

By Mason White 1:48 PM September 9, 2014
Clayton Knight with the ticket  

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A young boy’s birthday party was ruined by a police officer who gave him a ticket.

The boy of Texas, went to look for treasures near Galveston beach with his mother.

Clayton Knight was having a nice time with his mother on his birthday before he was stopped by the police officer.

Clayton Knight and his mother, Amanda, were riding near the beach, which was empty with no other people around. The mother allowed her 7-year-old boy to drive a golf cart.

However, a police officer noticed to boy at the wheel and decided to give him a ticket. Amanda was shocked when the officer cited her son, as she thought she would be the one getting the ticket rather than her young child.

Clayton Knight said that he was scared when the officers ordered him to sign the ticket, which obligates him to go to court.

In Galveston, one must have a driver’s license in order to operate a golf cart in designated areas. However, Galveston Police Chief Henry Porretto, agrees that the mother should have gotten the ticket not the 7-year-old boy.

Porretto said that he will work with the judge and with the family to straighten out the matter.