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2 witches arrested after fleecing naive followers of $90,000

By Mason White 10:44 AM September 10, 2014
Witches illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
Two witches and their accomplices were arrested on charges of fraud after they allegedly fleeced from their naive followers about $90,000 – police in Nigeria said.

Ogun State Police said that they arrested the two women, who call themselves “white witches,” and two other members of their gang.

Risikat Oriyomi, Sola Babalola, Shehu Salam, and Wasiu Ajani, were arrested while a fifth suspect – Baba Awotola, who was said to be the ringleader – fled before being apprehended by the Anti-robbery Squad.

Ajani named himself after a popular dead Islamic cleric in order to fool his victims. Ajani dressed in Islamic robes and hung nine different prayer amulets around his neck.

The two witches, who claimed to have descended from heaven, demanded money from their followers to fly back to heaven and fix things for them.

The five suspects all charged their victims large amounts of cash for their services. In total, they have managed to fleece $90,000.