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Dog eats couple’s wedding cake while they tie the knot

By Mason White 5:46 PM September 10, 2014
The bride, groom and the cake 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
Dogs love wedding cakes too.

A couple in England, was surprised when a dog ate their cake before guests arrived.

Matt and Kelly Gamblin of Dringhouses, got married at York Register Office, and held their reception in a marquee in the stunning grounds of the Skipwith Hall.

However, while they were getting married a dog had made its way inside the tent and ate their red velvet cake, which was made for them with love by the bride’s grandfather, Richard Varley.

The dog ate half of one tier and left the rest covered with dog hair. At first, the couple thought that the cake got ruined while it was being transported.

However, they confirmed their suspicions about the dog being the “cake thief” after seeing a trail of paw prints on the dance floor.

The couple did not let the spoiled cake ruin their special night. Someone reportedly went to the local supermarket and bought a cake so that the coupe can follow the tradition of cutting the cake together.