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Police find 50 dead cats in freezers while searching child porn suspect’s home (video)

By Mason White 12:12 PM September 11, 2014
Douglas Westcott 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) Florida police made a shocking discovery while searching the home of a child porn suspect.

Palm Beach County investigators, who were serving a search warrant for child pornography on the home near Greenacres on Wednesday, found at least 50 dead cats stashed away in four freezers.

Animal control personnel also seized approximately 30 to 35 live cats. Some of those cats are suffering from respiratory infections and other ailments.

55-year-old Douglas Westcott was adamant about keeping his animals. Detectives also seized a computer. Westcott was taken into custody on three counts of material depicting the sexual behavior of children.

Westcott said that he will fight the county in court in order to regain control of his animals. Experts said that Westcott might be suffering from an animal hoarding phobia.