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Teen arrested for kissing girl’s hand without consent

By Mason White 12:18 PM September 11, 2014
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By: Devansh Dutt
A teen was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly kissing a girl’s hand without consent, police in Illinois said.

Mundelein Police said that they arrested the 18-year-old man on Wednesday, after being accused of kissing the girl on a bus.

The incident began when the man sat down next to the girl on the bus, and asked her to give him a high five. The girl complied and gave him a high five.

That is when he grabbed her hand and kissed it. He got off the bus on the 100 block of Hawthorn Center at Hawthorn Mall. He was arrested after the girl reported the incident to the police.

She was not injured. Earlier this week, an employee of a supermarket, who had a habit of forcefully hugging female customers, was arrested on charges of assault, police in Michigan said.

Now, Fred Civis, was fired from Plumb’s supermarket after owners said that they received several complaints from customers.

Civis worked at the supermarket for the past 39 years. The latest victim decided to file a complaint with police, who arrived at his home and arrested him on charges of assault.

However, some area residents have come out in support of Civis, saying that they believe he is being persecuted for his kindness.

During a rally outside of Plumb’s, one employee came outside, gave Civis a hug and told him that she missed him. Civis remains defiant, saying that he wants his job back so he can keep on hugging customers.

A Facebook page supporting a boycott of Plumb’s has nearly 10,0000 likes.

“We have policies in place in all our Plumb’s to ensure that all who come to our shop are treated properly and with respect,” James Nader, CEO of Plumb’s said in a statement.

“The decision to fire Fred Civis was difficult. The decision came after multiple violations of our policies, one of which led to a criminal complaint from a shopper at our store in Whitehall. Though we have been strongly criticized for our decision we remain firm in our belief that the safety and comfort of our customers always come first,” Nader also said.