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Dead lion found in freezer of restaurant during health inspection

By Mason White 12:23 PM September 11, 2014
Lion illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
A health inspector was shocked with what he saw in a freezer of a restaurant.

The animal’s body was discovered alongside food that was being served to unsuspecting customers.

The restaurant owner of West Sussex, United Kingdom, told the health inspector that the lion was donated to him by a nearby zoo to feed his pack of dogs.

Environmental health inspectors have the power to close restaurants if they find health hazards. As the lion was the only health code violation of the restaurant, it was allowed to continue operating.

In March, a restaurant consultant made a shocking discovery. The kitchen of the restaurant was infested with snakes.

It’s disgusting, but not exactly a surprise to find restaurants infested with bugs, cockroaches, mice or rats. They usually infest the kitchen or dining room walls.

An animal definitely not expected to see at a restaurant is a snake.

However, that’s what Ben Vaughn, saw in the Pig-N-Whistle restaurant in Millington, Tennessee. Vaughn, a restaurant consultant, was recording for the Food Network show “Health Inspectors,” when he saw garden snakes in the corner of the restaurant.

The snakes were not very new residents. A shed skin sat right next to the snake, showing that the animal had been hanging out there long enough to shed skin.

In the TV program, which has not been shown yet, Vaughn tries to help exterminate the restaurant of its plagues to be able to pass the next health inspection.