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Hamas caught using TV vehicles to transport missiles and shooting them at Israeli civilians

By Mason White 3:54 PM September 14, 2014
TV vehicle illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
The Hamas terrorist group was caught using vehicles marked as TV, to transport missiles to shoot at Israeli civilians, the IDF Blog reported.

The Israel Military Advocate General Corps (MAG), received reports as well as complaints from human rights organizations, regarding allegations that an aerial strike was carried out in the Rimael neighborhood of Gaza City on July 9, 2014, against a vehicle marked “TV,” which resulted in the death of Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud Shabab.

The material collected by the General Staff Mechanism for Fact-Finding Assessments (FFA), and its findings, which were reviewed by the MAG, indicated that the strike was carried out against a vehicle that intelligence information and direct evidence indicated was being used to transport weapons.

It should be noted that at the time of the strike the IDF forces could not discern whether the vehicle was marked “TV.” It appears that the vehicle was marked “TV” in order to mask the military use made of the vehicle to transport weapons.

In any event, in light of its military use, the marking of the vehicle did not alter the lawfulness of the strike. In addition, the MAG found that the strike procedure was carried out with an effort to minimize incidental harm, and to that end, the strike was at one point delayed when the vehicle was suspected to be in the vicinity of civilians.

The MAG found that the strike process conformed to the requirements of Israeli and international law, and that there was no deficiency in the actions of the IDF forces involved.