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Sex charges dropped against teacher after he marries his teenage victim in Las Vegas

By Mason White 12:25 PM September 14, 2014
Illich Guardiola 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A teacher was allowed to walk free after he married his young student.

Police initially arrested the teacher after they found out that he was having sex with her.

However, he was able to avoid charges after marrying the teenage girl in Las Vegas, Nevada.

41-year-old Illich Guardiola of Texas, was a Drama teacher when he was accused of having sex with one of his students.

Now, all charges against him were dropped after he married the 16-year-old victim.

Guardiola was initially stopped by police for a traffic violation. The 16-year-old girl was a passenger in the car.

When questioned, the teen told authorities that she was in love with her teacher and that she was in a relationship with him.

Officers found a text message from the teen girl on Guardiola’s phone, saying: “I love having sex with you.”

Before authorities were able to stop the improper relationship, Guardiola has flown to Las Vegas, Nevada, with the girl and married her with the mother of the teenager as the witness.

Charges of sexual assault of a minor have been dropped against Guardiola, and his lawyer said that it was because the two are now married.

The Houston Family Arts Center fired Guardiola, after the allegations surfaced.