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Woman takes selfie at crime scene while her four friends rob home in California

By Mason White 12:02 PM September 14, 2014
The suspect taking a selfie 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A woman’s selfie may put five people behind bars for robbery.

The selfie was taken by the woman, who acted as a lookout while her friends were robbing the home in California.

The Los Angeles Police Department has released the surveillance video of the incident.

Police are looking for two women and three men in connection with a robbery.

The thieves broke into the house in the neighborhood of Bel-Air, and were seen on surveillance video ransacking the place.

The three men covered their faces with hoodies. However, a third man’s face was clearly seen on the video.

The two women were seen standing guard outside the home. Police said that the two women are also wanted in connection with the robbery.

The surveillance video shows one of the women knocking on the door of the house on Hammer Drive, to see if anyone is home.

Soon thereafter, three men broke into the home through the rear window of the master bedroom, according to police.

Meanwhile, another female suspect was sitting outside the house on a bench, playing with her hair. She pulled out her cell phone on took multiple selfies.

The homeowner, who declined to be identified, confirmed that money, jewelry, and electronics were stolen during the robbery.

The thieves also took a safe from the wall, which contained more the $30,000 worth of property. Police now hope that someone recognizes the woman from the selfie so that they catch the thieves.