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Police warn man to stop telling blond jokes to random women

By Mason White 11:25 AM September 15, 2014
Blond woman illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A man was warned to stay away from women after he allegedly told them blond jokes, police in Rhode Island said.

North Kingstown Police said that several women filed complaints against the man, who stopped alongside them with his car to tell blonde jokes while they were walking or jogging down the street.

The women said that although the jokes were not of a sexual nature they still felt uncomfortable. On several occasions, the man told the joke and then left when they started to walk away.

The man also repeats the same blond joke every time.

The daughter of one of the women said that the man was seen stopping high school girls while they were jogging.

Police went to the man’s home, and in the presence of his wife, he was warned that the women were uncomfortable. He was advised to avoid the two women and the high school girls.

Police said that the man could be arrested if he kept telling jokes. The man promised that he would stop.