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Man dumps his biological mother after finding new mother on Facebook

By Mason White 11:33 AM September 15, 2014

By: Hydar Tomar
A man of India, dumped his biological mother after finding a new mother on Facebook.

24-year-old Vijay Maurya, a student at Bareilly College, has decided to exchange his mother with the woman of Kerala.

His bewildered parents and friends have been trying to reason with him, but he is standing firm with his new mother.

The student’s real parents began to suspect that something was wrong when they realized that he was spending more and more time on Facebook.

Brijesh Maurya, the boy’s father, said that last month, the boy disappeared from his home. The family notified the police.

After a month, Vijay Maurya contacted his parents and stated that he had gone to meet his Facebook mother, a middle-aged nurse who is currently in Bahrain.

The student said that he intends to stay with his new mother. Neighbors of the parents claim that the woman, who is a Christian, just wants to convert the Hindu man to her religion.