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Pastor thrown in jail for leading noisy prayer service (video)

By Mason White 12:27 PM September 15, 2014
Johnnie Clark 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A pastor was sentenced to jail after leading a noisy prayer service, prosecutors in South Carolina said.

55-year-old Johnnie Clark of Columbia, leads the Rehoboth United Assemblies Church.

The church has been at its current location for over 25 years, but a recent development in the area has led the church into conflict with some of the new neighbors.

The church members are known for their singing, shouting, dancing and drums. Police have been called to the scene more than 50 times.

After a three-day trial, a judge found Clark guilty of illegal sound amplification. He was sentenced to two weeks in jail. “Sorry that we do not worship the Lord quietly,” Clark said.