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Man charged with arson after setting girlfriend’s private parts on fire

By Mason White 2:39 PM September 16, 2014
Donald Dale Hackman 

By: Anika Rao
A man is behind bars while his girlfriend is recovering at a hospital in Pennsylvania.

46-year-old Donald Dale Hackman, has been arrested after assaulting his girlfriend and her son for several days.

According to Lancaster Police, the abuse included lighting the woman’s private parts on fire.

Hackman was charged with felony arson, aggravated assault, false imprisonment and assault.

The victim told police that Hackman, with whom she and her son had been staying with for about a month, assaulted her over the course of several days.

Hackman reportedly struck her in the face and stomach with a closed fist, and struck her several times with a belt.

It was during one of the attacks that Hackman lit her private parts on fire and became very angry when the victim cried in pain.

Hackman eventually doused the flames, but not before the woman suffered second and third degree burns on her lower abdomen, genitals and inner thighs, police said.

She was admitted to the hospital’s burn care unit, where she is recovering. The victim told police that Hackman locked her 7-year-old son in a closet for about 20 minutes for “acting out” during the assault.

The victim’s son is being cared for by a family member, police said. Hackman is being held at the Lancaster County prison on $500,000 bail.