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Two women charged with child neglect after four children died in house fire

By Mason White 2:51 PM September 16, 2014
The homeowner consoling her surviving child 

By: Hydar Tomar
Two women were arrested despite mourning the loss of their children.

The women of South Africa, were accused of leaving a 10-year-old girl in charge of many young children.

The two women are behind bars after allegedly ignoring neighbors’ warning not to leave their children alone while they go out drinking.

The homeowners of Ga-rankuwa, Gauteng,
left a 10-year-old girl in charge of her two younger siblings along with three more children, while they were out partying.

On Friday night, a fire broke out while all children were sleeping. The 10-year-old girl awoke, and grabbed one of her siblings and escaped.

However, the fire had spread too quickly, making it impossible for her to go back inside to save the other children.

The four children who died, are said to be between the ages of one and 7.

Emergency workers were called to put out the fire while the two drunk mothers watched in horror and cried over their loss.

Warrant Officer Matthews Nkoadi said that the two women were arrested and charged with negligence.