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Father may lose custody of 4-year-old son for making him stand with ‘I hit girls’ sign (video)

By Mason White 11:15 AM September 17, 2014
Rob and Tristan Devine with the sign 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A father who was trying to discipline his son for being a bully, may now lose custody of the boy.

The father of Michigan, was fed up with complaints from his son’s school over his hitting girls.

The father tried different tactics of discipline, but when nothing worked the father resorted to humiliation.

Rob Devine asked his 4-year-old son to make a poster stating: “I hit little girls.” Tristan Devine of Monroe, was made to stand on a busy road along with his after, while holding the sign.

This punishment upset the boy’s mother. She came to her former husband’s home and took the boy away from him.

The woman said that she will not allow her son to visit his father until child welfare authorities investigate the incident.

Rob Devine said that his son had been in trouble several times at his school for hitting girls. He spoke to his son about the incidents and then took the child’s toys away, but the boy’s behavior did not change.

The father, who does not want his son to grow up to be a bully, decided to discipline him by making him holding the sign.

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