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50 homicide detectives shocked to find adult blow up doll in park instead of dead woman

By Mason White 11:19 AM September 18, 2014
Adult blow up doll illustration 

By: Anika Rao
A large force of homicide detectives were shocked to find an adult blow up doll after they rushed into a park to investigate the murder of a woman, police in South Korea said.

The incident began when a family that was picnicking at the park notices what appeared to be a dead woman on the ground.

They called police, and about 50 officers arrived at the park located in Gyeonggi. The detectives found what appeared to be dead woman’s body near a waterway.

She was wearing stockings and tied with blue denim fabric and tape. However, upon closer examination, the dead woman turned out to be a very realistic looking adult doll.

“The texture of the skin was very similar to a real person, and when police touched the skin it felt like a human body,” police said.

The doll was imported from Japan, and was sold in an adult store.