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New York homeless man manages to survive by picking up different women every night

By Mason White 1:50 PM September 18, 2014
Joe panhandling 

By: Hydar Tomar
A young homeless man is struggling to survive, but still has a way with the ladies.

26-year-old Joe, who is originally from Massachusetts, spends his day panhandling in New York City.

Joe spends some nights on cardboard boxes on the streets of Manhattan, but he manages to find different women to sleep with on many nights.

Throughout the day, Joe focuses on making money to support his drinking and drug habits as well as on his hygiene.

He makes about $150 a day panhandling. He further saves money by going to different stores to get free samples of deodorant, hair gel and other personal care products. He also spends some of what he earns from begging to maintain his appearance.

Although Joe has only four different outfits, he charms women into inviting him into their homes for several nights at a time so he can shower and have good food.

“New York is incredible and has 8 million people so you can sleep with different women whenever you want,” he said.

Joe admits that he flirts with random women, complements them on their looks and tells them things that will make them feel good so that he can go home with them.

He will even tell women that he loves them and that he wants to marry them so that he can be with them for several nights.

Some women treat him to a good meal and drinks. He said that sometimes when he sleeps on the streets, women come up to him, wake him and say: “you’re passed out on the sidewalk, you need to go home,” to which he replies: “I am home.”

Joe said that he was kicked out of his mother’s house after she found his stash of drugs in his room, and he has been homeless ever since.