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Supermarket customers angry after ‘Don’t Come Back! Sieg Heil’ was written on receipt

By Mason White 12:33 PM September 19, 2014
Don’t come back! Sieg Heil receipt 

By: Devansh Dutt
Several supermarket customers reported that a Nazi slogan was printed on their receipts, which they received from the Coop supermarket of Sweden.

Now, the supermarket director apologized after the message “Do not come back! Sieg Heil” was found on at least two receipts.

The director confirmed that the message was found on two receipts from a location in Stockholm, and the words were added to the system manually by an employee.

“This is completely unacceptable and we are very disappointed,” the director said.

A woman, who identified herself as Kerstin, said that she was surprised to find the phrase on her receipt after a recent shopping trip.

“Sieg heil” was a popular Nazi salute during World War Two.