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Teen out on state supervised visit to football game rapes 39-year-old woman in field

By Mason White 10:24 AM September 19, 2014
Oregon Ducks football stadium 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A teenager is behind bars after he raped a 39-year-old woman while being supervised by government workers.

17-year-old Jamie Tinoco, was on a field trip to an Oregon Ducks football game, which was organized by the Washington County Juvenile Department.

The teen managed to slip away from the group and allegedly raped a woman outside the stadium.

The accused rapist allegedly dragged the 39-year-old woman into nearby bushes and raped her. Someone heard her screams and came to help her.

Tinoco managed to run away, but was caught by a police dog shortly thereafter.

Tinoco was with a group of a eleven teenagers while being supervised. There were four employees of the Washington County Juvenile Department when he walked away.

The program is an alternative to detention to help adolescents develop social skills for life and socialize instead of prison time.

The teenager will be tried in Lane County as an adult on charges of rape and kidnapping.

Tinoco had been on supervised probation since July, after being convicted on drug charges, theft and harassment.