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Russian man kills himself live on Skype while people watch and encourage him

By Mason White 2:30 PM September 21, 2014
Sergey Kirilov 

By: Anika Rao
A man committed suicide live on Skype, while people watched and encouraged him.

Police in Russia, are investigating the shocking Skype suicide after the young man hanged himself while viewers urged him on.

26-year-old Sergey Kirilov of Moscow, had announced plans to take his own life on a social networking site, and asked anyone who wanted to witness the act, to hook up with him on Skype.

Police said that instead of trying to stop Kirilov, many viewers encouraged and pushed him to kill himself quickly before he changed his mind.

Only one person attempt to stop the public suicide, but the attempts failed, and the 26-year-old man died while people watched.

Moscow Police said that they are tracking all the people who saw the suicide through their Internet service providers.

Police spokesperson Leonti Zubarev, said that it is beyond belief that people could see this as a form of entertainment.

He added that police will be investigating all people who witnessed this incident, especially those who urged him to carry it out, as they may be charged with negligent homicide.