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Student gives birth at school and deliberately flushes baby down the toilet (video)

By Mason White 2:28 PM September 21, 2014
Toilet illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) Student in China, were shocked to hear a baby crying from inside the school toilet.

Emergency workers were called after the newborn baby was found wedged inside a sewer pipe in a university.

According to the initial police investigation, the mother gave birth, flushed the baby down the toilet and fled.

Police believe that the young mother hoped to hide the pregnancy by leaving the newborn daughter to die in the toilet drain.

The incident unfolded in the city of Linyi, Shandong Province. The child’s life was saved only because the baby’s head got jammed in the pipe, and other students heard the baby crying and called the police.

Firefighters cut the pipes from below and were able to free the baby. Police managed to locate the mother of the child, who is a student and living in the school dorm. She also needed medical treatment.

Officials are still investigating the incident and will decide if any charges will be brought against the young mother.